Engagement session

Free-spirited, spontaneous photos all about you. A fantastic photoshoot before the wedding!

Let's get to know each other better through a fantastic photo session well before the wedding, so that we can become a great team for the big day!

For a truly spontaneous, free-spirited photoshoot it is very important to have a great connection with your photographers, to trust them and to be sure that they will bring the very best out of you. However, we believe that we have to earn that trust! That is why we offer an engagement session for all our couples as part of even the basic package: you will experience way before the wedding how it feels to work with us! We get to know each other, we get a feel for your style, what suits you and what seems unnatural for you. And of course, you will get some fantastic photographs which can be used for the invitations, the decor or even for the thank-you gifts! And most importantly, well before the wedding, you will see and feel that you are in great hands and wedding photography is a great experience!

We are open to all ideas, themes or locations, and we are also glad to help out if you are unsure what you would like the most. Usually it takes an hour and half, two hours, buti t can happen that we enjoy it so much, that the photo-session lasts for 3 hours! And you will get the best images after a unique artistic retouch!